Pearl 242: Guesswork
Pearl 244: Keep It Simple

Pearl 243: TimeFaith

TOPIC: Time and Productivity

"So the wall was completed on the twenty-fifth of Elul,
in fifty-two days" - Nehemiah 6:15.

Nehemiah prayed, set a goal, worked hard, had faith, engaged other people, organized their work, and withstood opposition. Because God got involved in the project, the work was done in 52 days. You would have to say that Nehemiah managed his time well and got supernatural results in return. The fact that the time frame is mentioned indicates that the accomplishment was remarkable. Where are you getting the same kind of results in your life and work? If you are not, which part of the process described in the first sentence above is missing? Perhaps you don't have the correct project on which to focus your timefaith?

Lord, I like that word timefaith. I want to have it and see it work effectively in my life, work and ministry, where I do more with the time I have than anyone thought possible. I thank You for these studies on time, and I pray You will help me apply the principles and see the results. Amen.


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