Pearl 239: A Long Break
Pearl 241: Sleepless Nights

Pearl 240: A Break in Your Break

TOPIC: Time and Interruptions    

“Write, therefore, what you have seen, what is now and what will take place later" - Revelation 1:19.

John was in exile on Patmos, with plenty of time on his hands. Then the Revelation came and he had to end his 'doing nothing' to write down the Revelation Jesus was giving him. He could not say, "I'll do this later," or "I'm not done with my vacation." If you are going to write and create, you will have to carve out time to actually produce something, not offering excuses like you are tired, out of the mood, or not feeling creative (whatever that means). Are you 'on call' for creativity and the Lord's initiatives, even when you are on a break? Do you see your time as your own or something God is directing? Do you feel you are owed a break, or instead that your 'breaks' are times God will use for His purposes and not just yours?

Lord, once I get to a break in my schedule, I usually love it and don't want it to end. I learned today, however, that a break may be the interlude to something else You are doing, and I must be willing to end that break at Your direction or interruption. Help me be sensitive even in down times to re-engage and create.


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