Pearl 206: Outer Reality
Pearl 208: God's Co-Worker

Pearl 207: Slackness

TOPIC: Goals and Productivity

"One who is slack in his work is brother to one who destroys" - Proverbs 18:9.

If you were to build something and someone destroyed it, it could be seen as a criminal act. Yet, if you did not build something that was in your heart, you would not see that as criminal even though the end result is the same. In both cases, the world is deprived of something you could have built or done. The point is: Your inability or unwillingness to be productive robs the world of what you have in you that is unique, giving you something in common with one who would destroy what another built. What is the world losing by your inactivity? Where are you excusing your slackness as no big deal? Where do you need a change of attitude to create more urgency and less slackness?
Lord, I have excused the slackness in my work for a number of reasons, like I am too busy, the time isn't right, or I don't have time. Yet I am robbing the world and others of who I am and what it is that only I can do. Help me to see my inactivity and slackness for what it truly is so I have incentive to move and act. 


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