Pearl 203: Long-Term
Pearl 205: A Body of Work

Pearl 204: Goals Awry

TOPIC: Goals and Motives

"It took Solomon thirteen years, however,
to complete the construction of his palace" - 1 Kings 7:1.

Unfortunately, once Solomon had tasted long-term goals and plans, he began to apply the concepts to buidling his own kingdom. While it took him seven years to build God's house, it took him almost twice as long to build his own house. That's not good, but notice that the power and effectiveness of goals still applied, even though his motives were not pure. Where have you been holding back setting goals because you were afraid they may lead you astray? Can you see the answer to that problem is not to stop setting goals, but to work to insure that your goals glorify God and fulfill your purpose?

Lord, Solomon got filled with himself and that eclipsed the brightness of Your presence in his mind and heart. That caused him to take a good thing You created - goals - and turn it into something selfish. Deliver me from that tendency, Lord, and help me use the power of goals and planning as You intended.


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