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WAPIS Update

Pastor Peter is faithful to provide udpates concerning our our library and community development in Kenya. Here is his latest report with a few pictures to go along with it:

1 WAPIS 10Dear Dr. John,

The schools will be opened in a week time and we have to confess that the library has served as a beacon of hope to many.I have to confess I have witnessed a greater interest of reading among the people of Banana and this has been attributed to the availability of the library.

The pastors have also had a reason to smile with the latest books you sent for the commentary are up to date and relevant to many. I trust the interest from the pastors to consult this commentary will translate into better sermon preparation and presentation resulting to empowerment of God's people. We say thanks for the commentaries for they will go along way in helping WAPIS to achieve its dream to equip pastors in our community to offer better service.

The leadership materials and magazine have gained popularity for they have relevant stories which 1 WAPIS 12people can identify with. We know by the time we display all the materials we will continue finding more surprises.

The members from my new parish have appreciated to be among the beneficially of the jeans and the writing materials you sent and I know this will go along way in strengthening our mission work in Kikuyu. We are happy for the favour of God here and we trust we shall achieve the will of God here.

He is the reason for our living.

Pastor Peter

But the needs continue to be great there, plus we have to help maintain what we are already doing. Here is a request from Peter for help:

1 WAPIS 12Dear Dr. John,

Here at WAPIS we are okay and the operation of WAPIS is doing good.The library has been busy at this period when the schools are closed.The governmental burned all the tuition and as a result WAPIS library has became an alternative. We have managed to stock some few cartons of the books you sent but we need more shelves to accomodate all the books.

One of the challenge we are having is that we exhausted our account when we brought the books to Banana and there fore we have not paid last month rent and now we are approaching the end of the month and arrears are 1 Bus Wreckaccumulating. We hope for your support in this for we have promised the house agent we shall pay at the end of the month.

We hope in the future that when we manage to repair the WAPIS van [pictured right], we shall rent it out to earn extra cash to offset the rent. Thanks for all the support you have accorded us in all our times of need.

He is the reason for our living.

Pastor Peter

Can you help me help Peter?  First, we need $700 more to help him repair his bus so he can transport people for his ministry and for the community, thus earning some money for the work there. Then we need money to pay the library rent and expand it with more shelves and tables. You can give through my website or by sending a tax-deductible check to PurposeQuest, PO Box 8882, Pittsburgh, PA 15221-0882.  Let's not let Peter down. He is doing his part, now I need you to do yours. Thank you and God bless you!


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