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Pearl 93: The Desire

Pearl 92: Organized

Today we begin a month-long look at the topic of Organization, the fourth of the five Gold Mine Principles of purpose, goals, time, organization and faith.

TOPIC:  Organization

"Locusts have no king,
yet they advance together in ranks" - Proverbs 30:27.

God has put the ability to organize in all His creation, including the insect kingdom, as today's verse indicates. That includes you and me. And how you organize will determine how well you can stay on top of the duties and responsibilities God has given you. That organization must include your paperwork, computer files, transportation, living quarters, relationships and daily activities. Are you pleased with your personal organization? What areas need attention? What bias, if any, do you have against organization that may be keeping you from being like the locust, which has the ability to structure its world?

Lord, I need to be better organized, for too often I am looking for things I need but can't find them. As it is now, I cannot handle any more of whatever it is you want to give me, and that is not good. Help me this month to develop new habits and disciplines that will enable my life to have better structure and order.



Dr. J,

What tips can make me better organized?



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