Pearl 110: Vision
Pearl 112: Faithful

Pearl 111: Resisting Change

TOPIC: Organization and Personal Development

"He is working in you. God is helping you obey Him. God is doing what He wants done in you" - Philippians 2:13 (WEB).

You may be reading these daily devotional for organizational tips, but one thing is certain: If you are to be more organized, you must change from the inside out. You can resist any change because it takes you out of your comfort zone where things are uncertain and failure is possible. Yet when you resist change, you are trying to control your life and world in an unhealthy way, stunting your growth and development. Are you resisting some internal change where organization is concerned? What is it costing you in lost opportunities? What are you willing to do about it?

Lord, I recognize I have been blocking my own development by resisting change, and I have actually found excuses and made them sound spiritual! Then I sometimes place the blame for my lack of change on You, saying You haven't released me or it is isn't the right season and time for me to change! Forgive me, Lord, for You are working in me to produce change and I commit to cooperate with Your work.


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