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Mary and Kenya 2014

I had my first planning meeting today for the next trip to Kenya and took the opportunity to show some slides of past trips, along with a few videos. I could have done that all day. The trip will be sometime between February 27 and March 19. If you are interested in going, please let me know.

1 MaryIn the meantime, life and ministry goes on without us in Kenya. We received this report from Pastor Francis concerning little Mary (pictured left reciting a poem), whose tuition we paid so she could escape the slum school and go off to boarding school. Here is his report:

Halo Dr. John,

This is to report back to you on Mary's academic progress in her new school. First term has come to an end. Mary managed to perform fairly well. She had grade C with 330 marks out of 500.The school is also happy with her, saying that she has the potential to make it to higher levels.

We also received her happily back home and we really appreciate the good work of educating Mary. She is expected back on 5th May, ready for next term classes starting on Monday 6th.

Her second term fees are therefore due by the opening time.

Thank you for choosing Mary and for the burden of feeding, clothing and supporting orphans and vulnerable children at Upako Center and in other projects in our land of Kenya, Much blessings and may the everlasting God continue doing good to you and your team so that this ministry can continue.


Pastor Francis

Mary's next term school fees will cost $400. So I need you to step up the plate and help me help her with her tuition. You can make a contribution through my website or by sending a check, marking it "Mary," to PurposeQuest, PO Box 8882, Pittsburgh, PA 15221-0882. I have discovered that I cannot change all the world, but I can change some of it, one small piece at a time. This is just such an opportunity. I know you will join me in doing so.


Mary Elaine Rebel Dyar

OMG!! How can I not help a little girl named Mary, out!! I'll put a check in the mail this week!! She's a cutie!!!

Mary Elaine Rebel Dyar

Hey Dr. Stanko, that may make for a good chalenge, every "Mary" out there make a contribution for "Little Mary" to keep going to school!!!

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