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A Happy Mary

I received touching photos along with a thank you from Pastor Francis concerning Mary's school tuition, which thanks to you we forwarded two weeks ago. Mary is pictured below (click to enlarge) in her new school uniforms, smiling with her new bookbag, and with her classmates at her new school (her picture next to the blue jeans shows that our container supplies have been distributed, for someone contributed 1,500 pairs of kids jeans). Mary is a petite little girl, probably due to malnutrition in her past, for she will turn 12 in June.  Yet no one has a bigger smile, heart or leadership potential than our little Mary Naserian, but let me allow Pastor Francis to communicate what this means in the words below:

1 Mary with FrancisHalo Dr. John,

I have attached the scanned receipts plus Mary's photos through our gmail address. I paid the first term's fees less 8,000 Kenya shillings, that money has been used on Mary's school requirements only.

The money received was Ksh.580,10.33 ($700US): 1 Mary and Jeans

  1.     School fees for this term were Ksh.38,750 and I paid Ksh.30,000
  2.     Admission and interview fees were Ksh.2,350 - paid in full.
  3.     Personal effects were Ksh.16,000, but I spent Ksh.16,680.
  4.     And school uniform was 7,680 and I spent Ksh.8,200, all of which I have    attached the receipts.

1 Mary PosingIt was tears of joy and sadness as Mary was leaving Upako for the new school. The new school is like heaven to Mary who is trying hard to come to terms with the real change and sudden twist in her life.

I have hope that she will make it to greater heights in life as she has the potential to excel academically. We never knew that any of the children can find that much favor to wake up in a new environment free of struggle, excess oxygen, controlled diet and 1 Mary Wavingenvironment, clean and well-arranged school, among other good things.

May God bless you all for choosing to take on this long journey of educating Mary. Thank you so much and I promise to make sure that all the donations towards Mary's education will be channeled to do exactly that. I lack words to express my gratitude to all of you involved in serving God through the poor. I saw Mary leave the slums for the new school and my heart saw the freedom.

1 Mary with ClassmatesPastor Francis

Notice that Pastor Francis stated that this is a long journey for Mary, for she is just starting out as a 12-year-old. I am trusting God that we will help her for the remainder of her years in school, and will see our resources increase to help others like little Mary. I will let you know when her next tuition installment is due.  In the meantime, we are helping two other children at this point with their tuition, as well as the many children and widows we are feeding and clothing.  Won't you please help us help Mary and those like her?  You can give through my website or by sending a check to PurposeQuest, PO Box 8882, Pittsburgh, PA 15221-0882.  Thank you and God bless you for the work we are doing together in Kenya. It is truly remarkable to see God at work.


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