Pearl 24: Purposeful Teams
Pearl 26: Encouragement

Pearl 25: Reassurance

TOPIC: Purpose and Fear   

"One night the Lord spoke to Paul in a vision:
'Do not be afraid; keep on speaking, do not be silent'" - Acts 18:9.

Somone once said when the Lord tells you not to be afraid, it's usually too late! It is hard to imagine Paul being afraid, but he was in this instance. The Lord appeared to him to reassure him that he was doing well and that God would protect him. Your purpose can be a fearful thing because it seems so big or because you don't know how you will achieve it. Don't expect God to reassure you, however, unless you are doing something about and with your purpose. Are you afraid of your purpose? Of what specifically are you fearful? Are you expecting encouragement when you are not really engaged in your purpose?

Lord, I am afraid of many things: what others think, what I think, failure, success, poverty, growth.  It all seems so formidable to me. I am not asking for another confirmation of what I am to do, but I am asking that You affirm and encourage me today and every day as I take steps of purpose.


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