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As you are aware, I shipped over 179 boxes of books, shoes and supplies this past January.  Most of it went 1 David and Groupto the library project in Banana, but I kept out a few boxes of leadership books for a pastor whom I met in west Kenya, in the town of Bomet.  David Koech is not only a pastor, but the founder and overseer of the Kenduiwo Orphanage (pictured right with our team in 2011).  I met David through Chuck and Amy Bemm and I was immediately impressed with David and his leadership capabilites.

1 David and LibraryI promised David I would help him build a library (you can see the orphan's current library at left - click to enlarge), so these boxes were the downpayment on that promise. I called David when I arrived in Kenya and he was excited to hear about the books. He immediately made plans to come to Nairobi to pick up the five boxes.  I heard from him around 8 this morning, saying he would arrive at the hotel around 9 AM.  When he arrived, I went to the lobby to meet him and he was with a local friend and his son.

When I asked him what time he left home, he told me 3 AM!  What's more, he took public transportation 1 Boxesthe entire way.  That meant he had to take those five heavy boxes (pictured right) back with him another six hours on the same public transportation, which meant those boxes were probably strapped to the top of a bus. What's more, David had never been to the Hilton Hotel where I am staying and needed to meet someone here to show him how to get here. He is quite a man and leader.

I am not sure I would ride twelve hours on public transport in the same day to pick up five boxes of books, but that is the calibre of leader that David is. When he told me of the maize crisis in west Kenya, I also gave him a large donation toward the purchase of food for the orphans, along with copies of my latest book and two copies of the Jesus film in Kswahili and English.  David had never heard of the the Jesus film.

I was humbled by David's commitment and his genuine appreciation for these small acts of kindness toward him.  He asked that I consider coming to his area next February with our team for some leadership training with his leaders and churches.  How can I say no? 

1 SheilaAfter my encounter with David, I walked over to Easy FM for my interview with Sheila (pictured left), and was confronted with the reason why I am here this week (I tried to leave and get home early). I was supposed to meet Sheila!  I had a profiling session with her today after the show that I know changed her life's course, and I was awed that God would leave me here for this week just to meet Sheila (and David). I have been fretting over my lack of seminars this week to pay for the trip (I had planned two), and was striving to make the most of the time. I don't think I am going to fret any longer.

This is how life is supposed to be lived:  Doing what you love in the will of God. Thank You, Lord, that you have enabled me to do the things I have done. To God be the glory!


Janet Hansom

Pastor John, isn't it amazing how doors that were supposed to be opened did just that?? God is so very awesome. No matter how detailed you were in planning your trip, you could never have known exactly what God had in store!!! We miss you! Safe travels home and thank you for sharing your trip with us!!

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