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Last week I had a one-on-one with a person here in Kenya to talk about purpose. Here is the feedback this person sent me this morning:

"Meeting you was life-changing and the morning of 20/8 will be forever etched in my memory. I can only thank God who made it possible and do my best to develop my full potential. It's hard but I am certainly going to do the best I can. I pray the God will continue to use you to transform many more lives as you have mine."

This is why I do what I do. I have worked the last 20 years to become the best I can be at what I do, and God has helped me. Now I pray He will help me multiply my effectiveness as I work to set His people free from their old thinking and limitations. How about you?  Are you ready to change and move on?

1 Boys StudyingThis is why I believe God is opening more doors for me in media, so that the purpose message can reach and touch more people. I am available and ready; His will be done.

Also, if you are interested in the progress of the library we help found here in Kenya, you can see the pictures from my visit here.  This is just another example of more good stuff happening here.


REMEMBER KENYA:  I will be a guest on Easy FM Wednesday morning at 10 AM.  Please listen in!


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