Q129: Faith Actions

Q128: Honesty

What would Jesus ask you today?

"Why are you thinking these things?" - Mark 2:8.

Some find it inappropriate to say certain things to the Lord, even though they are thinking them. Jesus know your thoughts before you ever speak them. Therefore, you can speak your heart and be honest with Him without fear. This can transform your prayer life from reciting a list of needs to pouring out your heart to Him. How honest would you say you are with the Lord? Read Psalm 139:1-6 and then determine to be more open and honest in your times of prayer and communication with God.


Unknown  At This time

Dear Mr.Stanko, I have been up this morning since 1:00am and i have been pouring out my heart unto God in prayer. I am consistently in battle with myself and others situations, as I was sitting here studying I was praying to God to get a proper education in ministry to get a better understanding of God's word for my life and purpose and CUBM came to mind in reflection of The City-Wide revival this past week at Mount Ararat Baptist Church. God knows I have been procrastinating in this area feeling very inadequate in many ways I could not not explain at this moment. But i have recently been in communication with God trusting and believing for His will on my life. please keep me lifted tha i can find trust in someone to help along this journey.

Amen yours truly unknown at this time

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