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Progress for Kenya

This week I received $550 toward The Big Blessing, so we are on our way to the $12,000 needed when I depart on March 15 (we have already received almost $13,000). I got this update and these pictures from Pastor Peter this past week:

1 Pst Peter 1Dear Dr. John,

I trust that all are okay and the team is set for Kenya next month. At WAPIS we are okay and the team  excitement is growing day after day.  We were excited to see the pictures of the uploading  of the books in the container. We are praying for all of you for your tireless effort and we are praying for favor in shipping and clearing. 1 Pst Peter 3I have attached some pictures of the office which we are operating from and some kids also praying and dancing.This remind us of Ezekiel vision of kids dancing in the streets and this project will surely make many kids dance.

Yours in Christ's vineyard, Pastor Peter

The books, shoes and supplies are well on their way to Kenya and should arrive on February 25.  I sent a 1 Pst Peter 2$2,000 payment this week for the shipment and now must pay FEDEX $3,500. That's what it cost to get the stuff to Fort Worth to combine with another shipment heading over. (I think it's ironic that the shipment to Texas cost twice as much as the shipment to Kenya!)

Yet it is worth almost any cost to get the things over to Kenya, for there these resources, which we often take for granted, are priceless.  These young men pictured here have no place to read or study, and often don't have the textbooks required to do their homework, let alone the electricity to work by. 

I am counting on your help to see this project I am calling The Big Blessing, through to completion.  I have promised the ministries in Kenya that the money will be there, and I am confident that the Lord will work through you to see the promises fulfilled. If you want to read about The Big Blessing, you can do so here.

Can you help me?  Perhaps you can issue a matching grant (a specific amount that you promise to match if others give first by a certain deadline) or just a straight up contribution. You can give through my website or by sending a check to PurposeQuest, PO Box 8882, Pittsburgh, PA 15221-0882. Just do whatever He directs, no matter how large or small, and I know the people of Kenya will be blessed. Thank you and God bless you.


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