Q25: Be a Blessing
Q27: The Kingdom

Q26: Your Temper

What would Jesus ask you today?

"What are you arguing with them about?" he asked - Mark 9:16.

It's common to say that someone "lost" their temper, but in some ways they "found" it when they get into a heated argument or when someone does them wrong. If this is a regular occurrence, then someone is said to have an anger "problem." In today's verse, Jesus inquired as to the source of the argument among the disciples. An argument is a battle to prove that someone is right and someone else is wrong, when both may be wrong or partially right. Are you prone to argue? Would you or others say you have an anger issue? Why is being right so important? Why hurt someone you love or offend an acquaintance just to be "right" or to retaliate for being wronged? There are many verses that speak to controlling anger, but for today read Ephesians 4:26-27 and 1 Timothy 2:8 and then confront any areas of anger in your heart.



It is not long since i new you through pdi but you've made me to understand the word of God through the daily emails you send us,so
dont stop it because it has made me to grow in the word of God.

Thankyou and may God increase you more to reach many for the kingdom of God.

Be blessed.

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