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The Shipment is On Its Way

1 Boxes ACACI am happy to report that 179 boxes filled with toys, books, educational games, shoes 1 Boxes Ft W and other supplies, with a total weight of 7,500 pounds, left Pittsburgh last week and arrived in Forth Worth, Texas. (The picture left is in our Pittsburgh warehouse; the picture at right is of the boxes on pallettes in Texas.) There they will join more supplies to be shipped via ocean container to Kenya, scheduled to arrive February 27.  I am meeting with Ron Matheny, who graciously allowed us space in his ministry's shipment to Kenya, to work out the exact schedule and delivery options in Kenya.

I am not sure of the exact cost yet of either the shipment to Texas or to Kenya, but I will let you know next week. We should be able to cover it all out of the funds that came in over the holidays. Then I will let you know what we still need to reach our goal of $25,000 for the initiative called The Big Blessing.

Thank you for your help and prayers.  Please continue to pray that the supplies will arrive in a timely and intact manner.  My special thanks to Deanna Hritz, her family, Cheryl Bradbury and many other Kenya trip "alumni" for the help as we sorted and packed the goods. 

Here is the message from Pastor Peter in Kenya when I sent him a copy of the pictures and shipment progress:

This is so much exciting and motivating and we are looking forward for the safe arrival.God bless you and the team so much. I will be uploading to you the final work in the office and the remaining thing is only the chairs and the tables and immediately the money is available we will install them. - Pastor Peter.


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