Q11: God Speaks
Israel 2012

Q12: Your Focus

What would Jesus ask you today?

"How many loaves do you have?" - Matthew 15:34.

The disciples did an inventory of their food supply but Jesus was teaching them that it didn't matter if they had faith. Faith never requires you to ignore your current reality but it does require that you not make it your focus. Instead, you are to keep God's goodness and His promises uppermost in your mind. An excellent example of this is Abraham, who considered the reality of his age but did not waver in his faith that God would give him a child (see Romans 4:18-25). Have you allowed your current lack or need to overwhelm your faith? Have you lost sight of the fact that God can take your "few loaves" and turn them into many? Remember, faith is not a feeling but rather a rational decision to trust God even in the face of obstacles and seeming impossible circumstances.


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