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The First Thank You

I received this email thank you from Alice, having seen her this past Friday to distribute the money I brought for her.  She said something that really moved me:  If we had not come along, she believes the orphanage would have closed. That is humbling to realize that God was using me and I didn't even realize when or how.  I was taken to Each One Touch One Orphanage by a friend in 2009; I did know what God had in mind.  Here is what Alice (in the picture center below) had to say today:

Dear Dr. John,

I write, on behalf of EOTOO, to thank you for your time and your continued assistance towards feeding Alice Picthe children and for the extra bonus from the Sunday School for Vivian and EOTOO.

I wish to confirm receipt of the following sums of money from you:

  • Kshs 40,000.00 that has been banked towards the Sophia Fund
  • Kshs 43,500.00 that is the conversion of $ 500 which has been banked towards the Sophia Fund
  • Kshs 19,000.00 which was raised by the Sunday School and banked toward token payment to the Care Taker

We thank all that have contributed towards the well being of the children and we can only testify that we have seen the hand of God in how far he has brought us at EOTOO through you and all that raise money whenever you send an appeal.

As mentioned to you earlier, we have started the process of getting the Home registered and l was very impressed by the effort being made at your church - the fund raising card looks good and we hope that God will open ways for us so that we can make legal links with the Government.

Love from the EOTOO family.


You can make a generous year-end gift toward my work in Kenya at Each One Touch One Orphanage and others like it through my website or by sending a check to PurposeQuest, PO Box 8882, Pittsburgh, PA  15221-0882. The children are all staying at the orphanage for Christmas this year, so let's make it a Merry Christmas for them by remembering their plight.  Thank you and God bless you!


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