Proverbs 19:14
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Proverbs 20:11

Your daily dose of Proverbs:

“Even a child is known by his actions, by whether his conduct is pure and right” - 20:11.

There are no age limitations in the purposes of God. He can use the young and the old alike, as we see in the Christmas story with Mary and Elizabeth. At the same time, we see that God wants not only holiness (conduct) but also actions (deeds and fruit) and once again, there is no age ceiling or floor. Are you using age as an excuse for not doing more for the Lord? Are you content with one or the other: good deeds or holiness? How can you combine the two to be a champion of your purpose who God can rely on to serve others? Read about those two women, one young and one older, in Luke 1:5-45 and then make yourself available today for God to use you now however He sees fit!


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