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Library Update & Power Tools

1 Library 1The library project through the Deborah Foundation is progressing nicely, although there are still many hurdles to overcome before it is a reality.  Pastor Peter wrote me this week and included some pictures, which I am passing along to you. 

I think what impressed me most is that this library is going to obtain a copy of all the 1 Library 2student's textbooks to have on hand - since most of the students have no access to the books they are studying. Thus they cannot do their homework and cannot learn.  This library will be a place where they can do their daily assignments because it will have the books, paper, pencils and pens and electricity.  That is the kind of project of which I want to be a part.  At any rate, here is what Peter had to say:

We as WAPIS would like to acknowledge we received 45,000 from Dr. John Stanko on 9th dec 2011.We 1 Library 3are greatiful for this money that will help us to finish the remaining work at WAPIS. God bless you for making this dream to be a reality. The tables we need 5 of them of 4 by 6 feet. The chairs we need 20 total. Another request we wanted to ask if it possible for us to keep the container that will be used to send the materials so we can use it as a vocational training center.

We trust God favor to be with you and the team always - Pastor Peter

I am attaching a list of power tools that Peter asked us to find and send over for their vocational training center.  If you feel led to help with the tables, chairs, book shipping or power tools, please let me know. Then send a contribution to PurposeQuest, PO Box 8882, Pittsburgh, PA 15221-0882 or give through my website.  What a great way to end the year by giving to a project that will help change a nation one young life at a time.  There are more updates to come, but here is the list of tools that Peter has asked me to obtain (I will need them by January 1 in order to ship them in our container).

Download Kenya Tools Needed


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