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The Library Space is Secured

1 Peter Door 1I heard from Pastor Peter this week, and he sent me a copy of the receipt for the rent along with the lease for the library space. Below is what he wrote along with the pictures he sent showing the condition of the space prior to renovations and some of the children 1 Peter Kids 1 who will benefit from the library once it is open for business.  Keep in mind that some of these children have no where to do their homework, so this library will be a place where they will establish good study habits for future success (click on any picture for a better look):

Dear Dr. J,

We trust all are okay on that side.As for us we are okay and in the attachments are the agreement on the office, the receipt for the payment and the pictures of the office and 1 Peter Door 2the places it requires the repair and also pictures of some of the schools children who benefit and will benefit from the library.

Thanks for everything and may God grant you favor in all your plans. I have also talked to Terry and she will contact you on the books which they will donate.

1 Peter Kids 2Yours in Christ vineyard.

Pastor Peter Kamau

We are busy here getting ready to collect books, toys, games, shoes, art and writing supplies beginning on November 7.  From there, we will pack and prepare to ship all the resources to Ft. Worth, where they will be combined with another shipment and sent overseas.  1 Peter Kids 3I think we will have plenty of books and resources. What we will also need is money.  Can you help me with this project?  Even a few dollars between now and when the books arrive next March will go a long ways toward educating and feeding the children and widows both spiritually and physically.  You can give through my website or send a check to PurposeQuest, PO Box 8882, Pittsburgh, PA 15221-0882.  Thank you for helping to make this library project a reality for the village of Banana, for Pastor Peter and for the children and people of Kenya. 



Dr. Stanko,
This is awesome! Glad to hear of the great work you are doing and the progress.
Grace and peace,

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