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No Turning Back

I sent $530 this past week to Pastor Peter so he can secure the space for the community library we are helping to establish.  Now the real work begins as we collect the books and prepare to ship them over to Kenya - no turning back now!  I am not too concerned about collecting the books, but I am estimating it will cost us about $5,000 to ship the books to Ft. Worth to combine with another shipment in a container for ocean passage to Kenya.

Here is Pastor Peter's thank you note for the money we sent (Pastor Peter is on the right in the picture below; WAPIS is the name of his community development organization.  The picture on the left is the building that Pastor Peter built over a ten-year period, raising all the money from his people.  This building has changed the face of his community, and that is why we want to partner with this man to build the library):

    I take this opportunity to say that we have received the money you sent to us for the library  1 Pastors
amounting to $530 today and we have talked with the owner and on Friday we shall have an official signing of the contract and the handing over of the premises to Wapis creation. ON BEHALF OF WAPIS WE SAY THAT WE ARE SO MUCH HAPPY FOR MAKING OUR DREAM COME TRUE AND WE PRAY TO GOD TO BLESS YOU AND ALL THE PARTNERS WHO HAVE MADE THIS POSSIBLE.

    This library will serve as a community resource center to vulnerable and orphaned children and empowerment center. We will set one side for general community and an excursive library for children where they can do their after school homework and revision bearing in mind that majority cannot afford to buy recommended books and even some do not have accessibility of electricity in their homes and so they use wick lamp, which is a hazard to their health.

    1 Peter's Church At Wapis our joy and gratitude are more than we can express and this project will forever leave as a testimony to many that what a generous act can transform many people and how lives of many could be transformed by committed Christians. I would like you to let all your supporters that this project is a noble cause and they have invested in a trustworthy group and every single coin committed will be accounted for in a transparent way.

    God bless you all and may God bless America. I will forward all the pictures of the official signing ceremony and a least of schools and individuals who will benefit from the project.

 Your humble servant in Christ's vineyard

  Pastor Peter

Last week, $280 came in as the firstfruits of The Big Blessing, which is a combined effort to feed, educate and employ Kenyans.  My goal is to raise $25,000 by next March (that includes the $5,000 to ship the books), but we need some of that money now to do the work.  I believe I will have a team of 15 who will be going over with me next March to help deliver and dedicate the libaries, but I need you to be part of The Big Blessing team.  Send your tax-deductible check today to PurposeQuest, PO Box 8882, Pittsburgh, PA, 15221-0882 or give via Paypal through my website.  Tell your friends, have Christmas parties to raise money for the orphans and widows and pray.  If everyone does his and her part, The Big Blessing will be even bigger than we imagined.


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