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A Matching Grant

Great news!  We have been given a matching grant to help renovate the library in Kenya to get it ready for the books that we will be collecting next month. Pastor Peter wrote this week (see below) to let us know he needs $3,000 to proceed, and we have the grant for $1,500. That means for every dollar you give, another dollar will be given to match your gift, therefore doubling your gift. This grant is good only until Monday, October 31, so you must act now to make sure your gift doubles.

Here is what Pastor Peter wrote this week:

I take this opportunity to thank you and the team for the wonderful work that you have been doing to the community. At this moment am coming back to you in reference of this email I had written to you about the cost of renovation of the library. The cost as I had commented earlier for renovation, buying of tables, making of shelves and the chairs was $3,000 and the owner of the house has already given us a two months grace to renovate the house and that is why we ere seeking for your assistance in order to meet this cost. We thank you in advance for any assistance accorded to us and may the almighty God bless you all and grant you favor in your fund raising.

Pastor Peter

You can read Pastor Peter's (and my) previous correspondence to understand the nature of this library project here.  Act now to insure that your gift toward this project that is part of The Big Blessing is maximized.  You can give through my website or by sending a check to PurposeQuest, PO Box 8882, Pittsburgh, PA  15221-0882.  This is so exciting and I know you will want to respond this week to insure that this grant is maximized to the fullest.  Thank you and thank You, Lord, for this special challenge and gift.


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