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A Sign of the Times

I am reading through Charisma magazine, which features end time author and teacher Perry Stone in the most recent edition of its monthly publication.  Perry Stone is proclaimed to be a man who has insight into biblical prophecy, which means he teaches, writes, and broadcasts about the end times.  Here are some of the titles of his books advertised or mentioned in the magazine:

  1. Unleashing the Beast: The Coming Fanatical Dictator and His Ten-Nation Coalition
  2. The Rapture Revelation
  3. The Rapture and the Law of First Fruits
  4. Unusual Signs of Christ's Second Coming
  5. Prophetic Mysteries and the Seven Feasts of Israel

In the magazine, Perry wrote an article entitled, "Black Tide Rising: What Does $4 Gas Have to Do With Chemical Warfare, America's Future and the Antichrist?  A Prophecy in Daniel May Explain."

Now I am not against Brother Stone.  I have never met him and sure he is a nice man who loves the Lord.  I am only pointing this out because Brother Stone, along with millions of others, have bought into a premise that the Bible can be used to interpret today's headlines and even predict them.  I happen to disagree, which is sort of like spitting into the wind or sitting in a flight simulator.  Both get you nowhere.

I have gone on record as saying I don't care who the Antichrist is, if he is an actual historical figure yet to come.  I am only concerned about the Christ and I have enough trouble trying to figure out what He wants me to do and be.  Many antichrists have arisen and will continue to do so, yet the message of Revelation is clear:  Jesus is the winner and champion, taking on and vanquishing all foes, no matter how diabolical, powerful or persuasive.

Please believe me when I say that I am not against Brother Stone, but I do believe his teaching and that similar to his is pretty much a waste of time and effort.  I know those kind of books sell well (anyone ever hear of Hal Lindsay and The Late, Great Planet Earth or Tim LaHaye's magnificent fiction - and I do mean fiction - Left Behind series?  Both authors were greatly enriched by their take on the end times.)

There is so much wonderful material out there that exalts the name of Jesus and tells of His glory.  That is the literature I want to read, whether or not it was written last week or 1,000 years ago.  The only biblical prophecy I need to understand is that which speaks of Christ and His coming Kingdom.  So if you are going to read this stuff, please don't buy it new. Go on Amazon and buy it used and then destroy your copy before it falls into someone else's hands.  If someone asks you for a recommendation on end time prophecy, just hand them a Bible and tell them to read it from cover to cover. 

If they need an end time prophet to explain what they read, then they just don't get it, so tell them to read the Bible again. And If someone really needs a guide to walk through Revelation, recommend my book The Revelation Project.  I decided to swim upstream and publish something that did not follow the predominant thinking of the day, but chose rather to focus on the devotional significance of Revelation.  I hope that someone, somewhere will read it and be set free from the madness that seems to grip many where Revelation is concerned.


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