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Crisis in Kenya

I received two emails this past week from friends in Kenya who lead ministries whom we have supported through The Sophia Fund and Operation Chicken Coop. I will include them here and then ask that at the end you take action to help.  I am leaving for Kenya on July 28 and will take what you send at that time.

First, here is the email from Alice:

Dear Dr. Stanko,

I am fine and hope that you too are fine.  The children are fine and have just come out of their mid-term exams and we are hopeful that they have improved in their performance as we got a well wisher who is paying for their extra coaching this term.

Here below, l have tabulated the actual results from the Chicken Coop Project.  The birds are healthy and are laying as expected at the time of planning.  However, the returns from the eggs are far from our expectation and instead of make profits, we are making losses.  This is due to ONE SINGLE FACTOR, INCREASED PRICE OF CHICKEN FEEDS. 

We planned to buy the feeds per 70 kg bag at Kshs 1,890.00 (actual price then) but due to escalating food prices in the country the same quantity is costing us Kshs 2,800.00 and even as l write now, it is very scarce on the market.  A factor that may affect the development of the birds.  This price differential is occasioning us a loss of Kshs 910.00 per day and Kshs 27,300.00 per month.  This is so because the eggs market has become depressed and the eggs are still selling at the same price as at the time of budgeting.

Due to the above stated loses, we are unable to buy the feeds of the birds.  The Government promised to subsidize food prices by now but it has not done so and the situation is only getting worse.  This has hit us hard and with the realization that we are unable to pay the loans borrowed from Rose and Geoffrey, the situation is quite stressing. 

We need to pray about this depression and we also need to find quick practical solutions to the problem.  I am at a loss and hence the strong desire to share with you and the members of EOTOO the predicament we are in.

I am posting the figures for the project - May to June 2011 and shall share with you and all affected the broader picture.

We are told business is like that, but this one, beats all reason!  I hope we shall find a way out.

If the feeds had remained within the plan and if the price of eggs increased proportionately to the feeds price,  we would have met our objective at about 95%.  We look for Divine intervention.

God bless all of you.


And here is one from Pastor Francis:

Upako centre is a home to 37 orphans who depend on the organization for their basic needs support on daily basis, the centre provides primary education to about 200 OVC,s including the ones provided with shelter, the centre offers vocational training skills in tailoring and dress-making to vulnerable girls and young widows in Kawangware community-a slum in the southwest of the city of Nairobi.
Following the ever worsening economy in Kenya, food prices has gone up with over 100 percent and this impacts negatively especially on our feeding program. We have tried to channel whatever we receive from our source of income-water project) to feed the children ignoring other basic needs but the situation is threatening further.

-We need money for food to complement what we receive from water sales to feed the 37. $2 per child per day.
-We need to replace 15 mattresses which are now worn out.@ $50
-We need 3 giant cooking pans.@$42
-We need to repair the existing structures (floor cementing and wall painting).@$3,000

You are invited to at least do something to avert the threatening situation of the vulnerable as a show of God’s love for them and there is no little amount. Feel free to ask for further clarification where you feel you need to do so. I continue to pray that my request meets your consideration and God’s favor.
                                                                    Pastor Francis

I am sending $1,200 this week to Alice for the chicken coop fund and she expressed relief and gratitude.  I will need to replenish that fund and keep it going until the economic situation settles.  I am putting Pastor Francis' needs before you.  If you feel led to help with his situation in general or with something specific, please let me know and I will take care of the transfer of funds.  You can give through my website or by sending a check to PurposeQuest, PO Box 8882, Pittsburgh, PA  15221-0882.  Thank you and God bless you for heeding these urgent pleas for help.


Fredrick Onyango Okuto

So Pastor its good to give to the children of God but be aware of some fake ophanages which are out to solicite fund for selfish benefit.I am telling you so because i know from the experience people who have been wooing donors.Anyway if its ageniune project go a head fund it because children are the future of this country.
Thanks alot may God bless you.

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