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Thanks from Kenya

On my last ministry trip to Kenya, I was able to distribute thousands of dollars and pay thousands to transport books, shoes and other materials to those in need.  Here are some acknowledgments of thanks from those who received the blessings of your generosity.

Dear Dr. Stanko,

You have given us confidence, you have made us happy and you have enabled our children to continue to eat well even in these difficult days when inflation has risen from 3.0% to 6.5% within one month (Feb.) due to escalating food prices.

1 Children Eating The Sophia Fund US $1,000 exchanged for Kenya Shillings 83,400.00 and the Chicken Coop US $ 2,000 exchanged for Kshs 166,800.00. 

With the funds received today for the Chicken Coop, the total funding from the various contributing partners has come to Kshs 862,265.00.  Just about what the project required to bring the flock to point of lay.  We count our blessings to be at this level of funding and wish to request you to appreciate, on our behalf, all those that are giving us all form of support.  We support your desire for other groups/projects to benefit from the resources available.

On behalf of the EOTOO Team, l take this opportunity to thank you and to assure you of our dedication to the children and the CC Project.

God Bless.


Each One Touch One Orphanage

Dear Dr.,

Peace and all that is good be with you, I hope all is well with you over there? I want to send a big thank 1 Upako Group Leaving you to you and team for visiting Upako.We were so blessed by the visit, the activities, the donations and by your love.They are very happy especially with the shoes,food and the learning materials that now make their class work easier and a fun.The children enjoy a lot learning with the materials which has also increased our library capacity.

The teachers have also found the materials very helpfull.

You had a very friendly and devoted team that we will live to remember. Continue praying for Upako Centre that we may achieve our God given goal in service to the least in community.

We pray ernestly to you and to all those who are involved in helping us to feed the children,indeed your continuos cash donation for food is what keeps us going and may all who stretch their hands to put something in your ministry towards the orphans feeding program be blessed.

Pastor Francis

Hallow Dr. John

Our God is a good God, We have had some rains and the place is now green. I trust that your journey back was safe and that God is taking good care of you all because that is our prayer for you all.

1 Sheran and Edie The entire Wema Family is very happy with the gift items received and have planned to give them out at the end of this term as we appreciate those who have done well as we also take pictures.

Thank you for the financial support of $1190 US Dollars, we have been able to pay exam fees for two form 4 and 10 class 8 I will send you a detailed report on how the balance has spent. I will also send you the budget for shelter for feeding and library.

This is just to let you know that we are well and that we have you in our hearts.

Thank you and May God bless you.


I updated my travel blog regulary and you can visit there to read the reports from our time in Kenya. Then I ask that you continue to support the widows and orphans in Kenya with your generous support. You send an offering to PurposeQuest, PO Box 8882, Pittsburgh, PA  15221-0882 or you can give through my website.  I thank you for your help so that thank you's like those above will continue to come through.


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