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Chicken Coop Chicks

I got this email with pictures from Alice at the Each One Touch One Orphanage. 

Dear John,

Hope God continues to look after you and your family well as he does to us at EOTOO.

Chicks 1 This is for you and all the supporters of Each One Touch One Orphan Chicken Chicks 2 Coop Project.  Like the new life in these chicks the EOTOO family has started to feel a new lease of financial life.  Poor chicks, they have no idea how we are waiting for them to come of laying age; they jump high up, dash across the brooder and run away from the slightest noise!  They are a joy to look at and must admit  they are quite hypnotizing!

Say thank you to all those supporting this project and assure them of our good intentions of becoming a successful project.

Warm regards from the EOTOO Team.

Alice for all of them

You can contribute to the orphanage or our several projects to assist them and others like them by going to my website or sending a check to PurposeQuest, PO Box 8882-0882, Pittsburgh, PA  15221-0882.


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