Proverbs 17:8
Proverbs 18:20

Deny Yourself

In preparing my biweekly Bible study from Philippians, I ran across a list of ten ways to deny or humble yourself that I found a number of years ago.  This list is so practical and relevant that I thought I would share it with you.  Which ones have you perfected and which ones need some work?

1.     Not being hurt or insulted when forgotten.

2.     Not being angry when misunderstood.

3.     Not becoming defensive when someone disregards your advice/opinion.

4.     Lovingly and patiently bearing any disorder.

5.     Confront insensitivity in others with love and without being judgmental.

6.     Being content with food, income, clothing, climate, service and disruptions.

7.     Not always referring to yourself in conversation.

8.     Loving to be unknown and unrecognized.

9.     Rejoicing in others’ prosperity when your needs in that very area are more desperate than theirs.

10.  Approaching life with a general focus on the well-being of others.


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