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Ministry Report from Kenya

Team Kenya I am back home from a wonderful trip to Kenya.  It met and exceeded  all my expectations.  My thanks to all my Kenyan friends, family and associates for taking such good care of me (our Team Kenya is pictured left. Kentice Tikolo, Caroline Obat and Mary Waceke Muia, left to right).  At right is a picture of the people who assembled for the seminar I taught through The Pacific Institute for three days last IIE Group Shot week. I will be back in November to do another TPI seminar and also to launch The Pacific Institute's youth program called PX2.  Both these programs have the power to change Kenya and Africa one life at a time.  If you live in Kenya, I hope you can make  the seminar in November. (Click on the pictures for a better look.)

There were so many highlights from this quick trip, but one for me was the 90-minute interview I had on HOPE FM last Tuesday evening.  Our host, Tesi, was great to work with and a lot of people sent in questions.  Two nights later, we had an open public meeting for anyone who wanted to talk about purpose and 50 people showed up.  I was overwhelmed that many would come out to hear me on a week night with little notice.  It is a testimony to the power of the purpose message I have carried for the last 20 years.

I had a chance to drop off the money I had from the Sophia Fund to two organizations who have been beneficiaries of your generosity in the past.  Pictured left is Alice Kwendo  
Alice Pic (standing) and Rose Awero (seated).  Both ladies are the founders of Each One Touch One Orphanage (EOTOO) in Nairobi.  These women founded and funded this orphanage out of their own funds and today they have 20 orphans, whom they house, clothe, feed and send to school.  I cannot say enough about the wonderful job they do.  Actually, there are about 12 partners who came together and each pays a little each month to pay the rent.  Often they do not know where the money is going to come from for operations, but the Lord always provides.  

I am raising money for Operation Chicken Coop for EOTOO and they are so excited.  We have about $2,000 of the $6,000 collected so far, so I am going to wire the money to Alice and they are going to start construction on the chicken coops.  As more money comes in, we will be able to finish the project and buy the chickens.

Pictured right is Pastor Francis Odhiambo, who founded Upako Centre in Nairobi.  In addition to pastoring Francis Pic a church, Francis houses 43 orphans - in his own home!  Francis also runs a school and does a number of other outreach ministries in his community.  All the leaders said they would have had to close if they had not received money from you through the Sophia Fund.  This time I was able to give each ministry $750.  I wish it could be more.

I also got some more pictures from the Petticoat Project where we raised money to give the children underwear. They were so thrilled and some still are showing off their underwear, not always at the right moments! 

If you would like to help either of these ministries or if you can give just $5 to The Sophia Fund, then you can feed an orphan for a week.  If you give to Operation Chicken Coop, you will help an orphanage help themselves so they can provide the orphans with food, revenue and a sense of responsibility.  If you would like to partner with EOTOO to help pay their monthly rent, please contact me and let me know. You can give through my website or send a check to PurposeQuest at PO Box 8882, Pittsburgh, PA  15221-8882. 


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