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Help with Operation Chicken Coop!

A few days ago, I launched my latest project to help HIV/AIDS orphans and widows in Kenya and it is called Operation Chicken Coop. You can read about it here

I need your help!  If we raise $6,000, we can help one orphanage purchase 500 birds and build the coops 1 Glad to See Us necessary to hold them. Then they can buy the feed and medications to start raising chickens and their eggs to sell for income. What's more, they can feed the orphans with the chickens as needed.

This idea is a winner and is so easy to set up and maintain. The orphanages are excited.  Now we must do our part.

I return to Kenya on August 11. That's when I need the money.  So you can go to any of my blog sites and contribute using the special Chipin widget I have set up just for Operation Chicken Coop at any of my blog sites, of which there are three.

Then please don't forget The Sophia Fund, which is also used to buy food to distribute to orphans and widows (we cannot set up a chicken farm everywhere I go, so we must have some money to buy food directly). When you give to Operation Chicken Coop, I ask that you give $5 to The Sophia Fund as well.

So there you have it.  Let me know if you have any questions, and then please give - and give by August 11 when I leave for Kenya on my next trip.


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