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Operation: Petticoat

I announced plans last week to continue raising money for The Sophia Fund (food for African orphans and widows), the Deborah Foundation (establishing children's libraries and learning centers) and a new program, Operation: Petticoat.  The latter is an effort to raise money for underwear for young ladies in Kenya, who don't have any and consequently miss school because of it.  I know it may sound simple, but this is an important issue as evidenced by two emails I received this past week:

Just read about Operation: Petticoat.  It is so true about the underwear issue.  Most of the girls here don't wear bras and the panties are tattered.  It may seem strange to you but it is a big issue and the silly things are not cheap!  So little material but the price can be restrictive to kids who have little - J.M.

John, I think Operation: Petticoat is brilliant. Lack of underwear is a huge problem for girls and women in Africa and they are very grateful for any that can be sent. It doesn't matter if it is second hand as long as it is clean. Bras are particularly appreciated because they are harder to find and much more expensive. They are also necessary for older girls to be able to play sport. Women in developed countries don't know what to do with their older bras other than throw them away, and they could make such a difference. Children's clothes are also needed. Zimbabwe winter temperatures regularly go below zero at night.  Another vital necessity, which is out of reach for all but the best paid, is sanitary towels and tampons - S.F.

I am going back to Kenya in May, so we set April 30 as our deadline to raise money to purchase underwear here and take it over there.  You may not be passionate about underwear, but the two emails above speak to the urgency of the matter. 

You can give through my website or send a check to PurposeQuest, PO Box 91099, Pittsburgh, PA 15221. Just let me know if your contribution is to be used for food, books or underwear and I promise to apply it where you direct me.  $70 came in last week for Operation: Petticoat and $500 yesterday for The Sophia Fund, and I am trusting the Risen Christ for a lot more!  Why not make an Easter offering this week to one of these important projects. Thank you in advance for your help. 


Jerry Mellovich

While I believe that you believe that you have received acknowledgement from God as to your purpose. I would like you to share openly as to what God has spoken to you as your mission/purpose. I do not wish to place you on the spot, however I need some clarification were I believe that the Spirit wishes me to reveal those that deceive the Word, while you did state adimitly, that I should not expose those that are false prophets, such as Joel Olsteen as well as others such as Brother Murdock. I believe that this is in conflict with Scripture and I would like you to publicly explain your thoughts on this matter.

Jerry Mellovich

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