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A Request from Kenya

The Sophia Fund helps feed the orphans at Upako Center in Nairobi.  I recently received this email from Pastor Francis who runs the orphanage:

We thank God for the help we have been receiving from Sophia funds to feed the orphans at Upako  centre.We really thank God for the support. In the last year,s National  primary examination,we had 6 children who sat for the exam and passed successfully and would like to continue to high school and have no funds to continue to secondary level,;it is my request that if possible,Sophia organization can help educate 3 girls in the group as we finds alternatives for the boys. Please see if you can help and advise accordingly.

When I inquired how much the education would be, Pastor Francis responded that it would cost $850 per year for each girl. I inquired with some other friends if this was expensive or not, and they assured me the price is reasonable, even cheap.

So I promised Pastor Francis I would put the word out and that is what I am doing.  If you would like to send these girls to school, you can give through my website or send a check to PurposeQuest, PO Box 91099, Pittsburgh, PA 15221. Make sure you mark your contribution Kenya education.  Even though I depart this coming Friday, you can contribute at any time in the next few weeks.  I depart Kenya on February 19 and can let Pastor Francis know then what has come in.  Thank you!

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