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100 Pairs of Shoes

My son has been home for a while between jobs and he has been helping me sort and count the stuff that Kenya Shoes has come in for Kenya through the Deborah Foundation.  I wrote a post a while back that we had 2,011 crayons.  Well that number has grown to 2,900!  And we now have 100 pairs of shoes and to prove it, my son lined them up and took a picture (which I am now sharing with you - click on it to enlarge).  We also have 400 pieces of chalk and 55 notebooks, but could still use some paper, both construction and writing.

There are 14 of us leaving on February 5 and we want to take everything we have with us.  It will cost less to take as excess luggage than to ship it, and we can guarantee it won't be hung up in customs if it comes with us.  In addition, we will need some money to leave with the orphanages so they can continue to feed the children.

So can you help me out? I got this thank you from Pastor Peter this past week concerning my last visit with a team to Kenya in February, 2009:

Since you introduced Sophia Fund in Kenya, I can testify that life have been changed and in the schools we teach girls for the second month are receiving sanitary towels and thy are so grateful that they can learn with dignity. Also through the books and creations you gave us we have been able to make life of some kinds to be a smile.The training also in collaboration with GOAL has helped us and one of the head teacher in one of the schools we attend in quoted in our report saying, "For the first time in our school history,no case of teenager pregnancy have happened and all this was attributed to the education they have received from WAPIS and the John Stanko group, which was comprised of Pastor John Knight, Deb, Beverly, Gregory, Tammy, and the rest." We thank you all and may God bless you all.

I know the children in Kenya are not the only tragedy in the world and Haiti needs all the help you and I can provide at this time.  If you feel compelled to help our upcoming trip, you can give through my website or send a check to PurposeQuest, PO Box 91099, Pittsburgh, PA 15221.  Just let me know if your contribution is to be used for food or shipping and I promise to use it for that purpose.

Thank you for your help and please be praying for our upcoming trip.  We will be in Kenya for two weeks and want to make the most of our time and we want to be able to take everything with us, including those 100 pairs of shoes. 


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