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Kenyans Write about Deborah and Sophia

I have three emails for you in this post from Kenya. The first is from my friend Kentice, who has helped me with so many projects over the years in Kenya.  She wrote in the comments of a recent post, but I wanted to make sure you saw what she wrote about the Deborah Foundation.

Hi John! You have no idea how important the Deborah Project is, especially to rural Kenya. It is a fact that the foundation laid during early childhood mostly determines ones progress in life. I am an example of that. The quality of education that I received is what made the difference between abject poverty and what I am now now. My classmates from the rural school I attended can attest to this - 99% of them live in abject poverty! My teaching parents plucked me from the school and took me to a missionary boarding school at a very early age: that's why I am what I am. I would love to help those rural kids, too. I want to make a difference in their lives. I know the toys, books, and all those brain-stimulating games WILL make a difference. Thank you for what you are doing, and God bless you! I hope we can spread it beyond your current scope: the need is GREAT and fundamental to shaping futures. Education WILL make THE difference...quality education will!

Thanks, Kentice.

Then there was a third acknowledgment of recent funds distributed through the Sophia Fund.  This email is from Eddie Adembesa, who helps oversee the WEMA Widows program.

Greetings from all of us the WEMA widows community. Thank you very much for the support you have continued to give me towards our feeding program. Our orphaned children have not only been led but we have also been able to pay for their exams fees. The recent cheque of US$ 1000 has been received with much appreciation.To those who have extended their hand towards us my our good God give them a good measure,pressed down shaken together and overflowing be their portion.Thank you and God bless you all.

Finally, I wrote Alice Kwendo to ask what we could do for her and her orphans when my team comes over in February.  Here is what Alice wrote:

I woke up to find your mail and was very pleased to read it.

Attached here you will find a list of the children that will be at the Children's home by 1st of January 2010, God willing.  The children will be delighted to read from those students and hopefully they can respond in the little English that they know.

For your information, yesterday, we released some of the children willing to be with their guardians over the Christmas holidays and l have remained with only 3 who will spend their Christmas with my family in our rural home.

Yes, there is plenty you and your team can do when we meet in February.  I and my colleague Helen, have been discuss how we can start a daily bible study for the children at the home.  Your team can show us how, help make the year's programme according to the children's ages and actually launch the programme so that we can carry on with the children where you would have left.

Apart from that, we can all read and write with the children, help them through their homework and participate in the daily chores at the home.  If there will be any games that they would need to be shown, that would also make interesting time.  There is an open field near their home, for those willing, they can take time out in the field with the children.  Many of these children know very little parental love and just sitting with them and making them feel at home will boost their esteem quite a lot.

What do we need?  I have also attached a requirements sheet that l had made for EOTOO members and well-wishers for the Home's requirements other than food.  The list has quite a few items and the financial implications are not light.  But you can share it with your donors.  We understand the limits of the Sophia Fund and what l have attached is the context within which the Sophia Fund will be applied.  Apart from my attached list, l have read on your website your request for books, games, children's bibles e.t.c ; and that forms a second list of our requirements.

Deborah and Obed are right next to me delighted that you sent greetings to them and on their behalf, my own behalf and that of the entire EOTOO Team, we send our warm greetings to you and all your donors and wish all of you A Merry Xmas Season and a Happy New Year.

I am attaching her needs list below in case you are moved to do something to help. At this point, money would probably be best, for it will be impossible to move those things over to Kenya in addition to all the books and toys we are taking.

Toys and books are arriving daily for our collections through the Deborah Foundation (you can read about that here).  And money is always needed to continue to feed the children and widows through The Sophia Fund.  I trust you will be able to help during this Christmas season.  Thank you and I will keep you posted on any further updates I receive from Kenya. You can read more about both the Deborah Foundation and the Sophia Fund here.

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John iam so encouraged by the motivational books,especially on the guide to leadership.I want to really thanks you for God has used you to be an eye opener to many young upcoming leaders.You are my mentor, my brother i do pray that God may annoint you even more than ur current position so that you can enlighten us more.Kindly, sent some bible teachings concerned with laedership and how they are expounded.

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