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Bible Gateway

I use an online source for my Bible quotes and research called Bible Gateway. This has made my writing and research so much easier and enables me to embed links into my emails with very little effort. What's more, they include a Bible verse on their home page every day and allow you to access for free the audio version of the chapter where that verse comes from. Today is a quote from John 1 and, when you click on the link "Listen to this chapter," you can hear all of John 1 read by Max McLean. This audio version of the entire Bible is available for sale at the Listener's Audio Bible site, but I just bookmark my favorite chapters so that I can access and listen to them any time I want.

Check out this site, if you haven't already, and see how powerful it is as a Bible search resource for your study and reading enhancement.  I just thought maybe you may like to know.


Josh Aronoff

I love! It's great! Lately, I've been using it has dictionaries and the like as well. And you can save passages, add notes, etc.

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