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Sophia Fund Report from Kenya

Here is another update from my friend Maggie in Kenya with the SARAH Network concerning the status of Sophia Fund donations. 

Hope this gets you well. You had mentioned that you were coming in the plan still on, and if so when? and how would you wish to have SARAH's participation?

Just to let you know, we gave the 2nd installment of the $1,000 you gave. We are happy to announce that the recipients of the Sophia Fund accounted for  the first installment fully. But importantly, that the money came in when Kenya is in food crisis..and that money is heavenly sent.

Words cannot express the thanks and appreciation extended by Sophia Fund through you. We can only pray for your health and strength.

God Bless you and looking forward to meeting my friend once again.

Please consider a contribution of at least $5 toward the fund and hopefully more. You can use the "Chipin" widget on this blog site to contribute, or go directly to my website to contribute there through PayPal, or send a tax-deductible check to PurposeQuest, PO Box 91099, Pittsburgh, PA 15221. Make sure you let me know it is for The Sophia Fund. Don't delay; give today and make a difference in your world.


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