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Proverbs 25:2

The Summit

I spent part of the weekend with my friends, Bill and Evie von Husen, who pastor The Summit in Hackensack, NJ along with Gary and Kathy Schmidt.  The Summit is the result of two churches merging into one, which can sometimes be a tricky process.  Why is that?  It is because the two churches never quite mesh as they seek to become one and the challenges are usually, but not always, at the leadership level.

The Summit has been meeting for seven weeks and it all looks pretty good from my perspective.  The people are excited, leadership is flowing together. and there certainly was a good spirit in the Sunday meeting. I met with those in leadership on Saturday night and  Sunday afternoon and we talked about a variety of topics. They asked good questions and I enjoyed my time with them, and hope I contributed something that will make their jobs a little bit easier.

On Sunday morning, I spoke on the story of Jonathan and his armor-bearer from 1 Samuel 14 and gave it the title Cliffhanger Faith.  There is a chance I will speak on that in my home church in two weeks, so I will hold off sending out the PowerPoint slides until then.  In the meantime, I pray all God's blessings on The Summit as they impact the Hackensack area with the power of the gospel.  Keep up the good work all.


Ron Beekman

Aw, no mention of how you were abused, and told how you were no longer needed by Judy Beekman. John, we really enjoyed your visit(even though we had to tolerate hearing about the Stealers (spellinng intentional) once again).

Judy Beekman

Only the best of teachers work themselves out of a job so quickly.

Judy Beekman


With great joy I received the encouraging words from your teachings this weekend and know that with your teaching comes revelation. I believe that truth will always open up the heart to hear the Lord's heart.
Moving away from the traditions of men and the learned responses of churchianity is not an easy task for those of us who have been indoctrinated for years and years. Thank you for breaking through the religious barrier and reaching back to help pull others through into the light.

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