The Die Has Been Cast

Easter Weekend

We had a good but busy Easter weekend (you may prefer to call it Resurrection Weekend).  Much of it was spent in church, for the local church of which I am part had two services on Friday night, one on Saturday and three on Sunday.  The quality of ministry was excellent and I was uplifted by it all.  At the same time, I took every available moment to work on my latest book, which is due to the publisher this coming Wednesday. I only have the Appendix to finish, so I think the deadline is within reach.

After I wrap up my book, I then have about 2,000 pages of reading to finish for my next two classes in the first two weeks of June (I figure I have to read 40 pages every day between now and then to finish), in addition to a paper due on May 1 for my biblical counseling class.

It's nice to see spring flowers in full bloom. Even though it's still cool, spring and summer can't be far away.  They can never come too early for me.  The Pittsburgh Pirates baseball home opener was last Monday, and the hockey and basketball playoffs are imminent. 

So that's what is new in my world.  What's new in yours?  Feel free to post your response on the site where this entry is posted.


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