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A Good Evening

On Monday evening, I had the privilege of being a guest in the home of Dr. Tony and Sheila Stone in Stoutbridge.  Dr. Tony is a retired by active saint who traveled extensively with Billy Graham and Reinhard Bonnke.  Last Christmas Tony bought Sheila my devotional, A Daily Dose of Proverbs.  When they heard I was in the UK, they took it upon themselves to assemble a group of friends in their home to hear me speak. We got there early and Sheila served us a wonderful lamb dinner and then we had dessert when the meeting was over.  Of course, I talked about purpose and we had a grand time together.  It truly was a special evening.

Then on Tuesday, I had no meetings so I decided to plow forward with my new book, Changing the Way We Do Church: Seven Steps to Reformation.  It is due to the publisher by April 15, but I was not sure I would be able to meet the deadline. On Tuesday, however, I spent the day writing and, since this is all material I have taught and outlined, I was able to make great progress. I am now optimiistic that I can meet the deadline.  We shall see.

Wednesday I am off to Revelation TV for an evening primetime interview with live call-in comments and questions.  Then I have more meetings throughout the week as I continue to promote my books and the purpose message. For now, I am back to work on the book, in hopes that I can continue to make the progress that I enjoyed on Tuesday.  Back to work!


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