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I received an update today from my friend in Zimbabwe, who will remain anonymous to you.  Here is the latest that this person had to report to you and me:

Internet is so slow this side of the world. I hope you are now aware that we using multiple currencies.  You can go into any shop and use South Africa Rand, the Botwsana Pula, US$ and British Pounds.  Unfortunately you can't use the Euro. The disadvantage though is that the currencies have a permanent rate. It's only in Zimbabwe where the pula and rand have the same value of US$1:10 of either.  Somehow we have managed to devalue other countries' currencies.

The Zim dollar is no longer an "official currency".  The only Z$ in circulation are the 50 billion notes that are used mainly to pay for public transport.  We do not have enough of the foreign currencies to circulate, to the extent that other companies are paying their employees in vouchers that are redeemable at some shops, but not all.   We do not have enough coins, so when you go into a shop, you really have e to round off your purchases.  If you have change due, sometimes you only get change vouchers only redeemable at that shop.

Most people are finding it very hard to make a living.  All those who thrived on changing money which was known as “burning the US$” have found themselves with no jobs.  Even the employed person is finding it hard to make ends meet.  Accommodation is where most people are suffering.  In Harare CBD most people are paying US$ 200 for bachelor’s flat and US$500 plus for a two-bedroom flat or house. There are some people who are really making a killing and making money by either printing fake US$ currencies and making it even harder for the faithful ones to make a decent living.

Banks are laying off people as is so many other companies.  Yes, the dollarization has its advantages as well as disadvantages.

I was able to send $200 to my friend in Zimbabwe from The Sophia Fund to feed her orphans, but we need more.  Can you make a contribution today?  Just $5 will go a long way toward relieving someone's suffering.  Remember, every penny you give goes right to the poor and hungry with no overhead whatsoever. You won't find a better deal than that!

You can use the "Chipin" widget on this site to contribute, go directly to my website to contribute there through PayPal, or send a tax-deductible check to PurposeQuest, PO Box 91099, Pittsburgh, PA  15221.  Make sure you let me know it is for The Sophia Fund. Don't delay; give today.


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