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Boston Garden

I started following Boston Celtics basketball when I was a freshman at a prep school in Stamford, Connecticut. So last week when I had a chance to go and see them play for the first time in the new Boston Garden, I jumped at the chance.  My friend, Pastor Jeff Williams, and I took a train from Providence and then took the subway to the Garden for the Memphis Grizzlies versus Celtics game.

Garden 2 We were in row 14 of right center court (don't ask how much the tickets were; I ordered them off a site that  season ticket holders use to sell unwanted tickets). I am attaching two pictures I took with my phone of the action on the floor.  I admit that I bought a t-shirt and a hat as my mementos of the big Garden 1 event.  But then we missed our train going back to Providence and had to wait 90 minutes until the last train at midnight.  Oh well, it was almost a perfect evening. The Celtics have lost two straight since we were there, but they did win against the Grizzlies, so I did my part to cheer them on. My other favorite NBA team, the Orlando Magic, is right behind the first-place Celtics in the standings, so I am having a good year where my NBA teams are concerned.


Account Deleted

You are a more loyal Magic fan than I am. I never recovered from the Shaq debacle and then all the years of losing. I'm glad they're having a good year now. And glad you got to see the Celtics (my 2nd fav team).

And anyway, you know my philosophy: basketball and baseball are just diversions to pass the time till it's football season again!

Judd Shiffler

Those 2 teams are key opponents for my Cavs. Cavs vs. Magic this Sat night 4/4.
Cavaliers all the way this year!!

john stanko

We shall see. You certainly have a great chance to win it all. LeBron is the man!

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