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Well, Super Bowl XLIII is history and the Pittsburgh Steelers won their sixth NFL title.  My son and I sat in New Jersey watching with friends, while wearing my Big Ben jersey and waving a Terrible Towel, courtesy of my sister.  I was exhilarated in the first half, speechless at halftime after Harrison's 100-yard touchdown run (I was speechless because I lost my voice yelling, "Go! Go! Yes! Yes!"), cautiously optimistic in the third quarter, depressed and saying there was no way they would win in the fourth quarter and then speechless again at the end (this time I just didn't know what to say about the last drive for a touchdown that was so brilliantly executed with so little time left and with so much on the line).

I am heading home from New Jersey and I know the plane will be full of Pittsburgh fans returning from the game in Florida.  I have my Big Ben jersey on in the Newark Airport to let everyone know that I am part of the Steelers Nation on this glorious day after the big win.  I have read every online news service report I could find (like as if I don't know what happened) and I bought a few newspapers to read as well.  Now you know why I don't watch more games!

I keep saying I am behind on my posts and I will catch up soon.  I have read some great books lately and want to let you know about them.  I depart for Kenya next Wednesday and have a lot of school work to do between now and then, but I will catch up.  Today, however, is a day for celebration and I intend to savor the big win before life gets back to normal.  Go Steelers!  Thank you for making life in cold and snowy Pittsburgh a warmer place, at least for a day, for your loyal fans! 


Felix Ng

Perhaps a type - that was Super Bowl XLIII, not Super Bowl XVIII.

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