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Yesterday I preached a message at my home church entitled Stirred Up.  In it, I take a look at the man who was ill for 38 years whom Jesus found by the Pool of Bethesda in John 5:1-10.  I applied the lessons from that story to your search for and fulfillment of purpose and it seemed to go well.  I got good feedback, but of course you only hear from those who enjoyed it.  Those who didn't usually sneak out the back or side door!

At any rate, I am attaching my message slides for you to read.  Also, the message is available on my church's website via podcast if you would like to hear it. 

Download Stirred Up ACAC


Suzanne Watkins

Your use of humor and truth was very helpful. I am a christian and have known the Lord since 1992. I came to church "on strike" emotionally because of the brokeness in relationships in my life and fear of the things I cannot control. Your message reminded me not to look to others for my value and worth and to keep my eyes focused on Christ.

Shawn M. Panosian

What a comment above - this is why you are in the ring my brother! Great message - miss you brother.

Fabyonne Williams

I had to add a comment here simply because the message was so stirring for me (pardon the pun). That man's waiting for all of those years for someone to help him, opened my eyes to the fact that I need to get moving. I have been waiting for approval for assistance and I've been using any excuse I could find to keep me from doing, instead of just talking about what I'd like to do. The motivational thing for me was when you said we need to start ministering where we are. We aren't all meant to go to Africa, but we're all meant to work. That being said I am moving forward with the book I have been writing for 5 years (yes I said 5), and the schooling that I've been putting off for two years. Thank you for obeying the leading of the Lord and continuing your Purpose Work! As usual your message was a blessing to me.

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