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Sorry I have not written anything this week.  I was heavy into completing two papers for school, about 20,000 words worth!  I am glad they are just about finished.

At any rate, I got this update from a friend in Zimbabwe.  The currency is absolutely worthless, as is the leadership.  Here is her update with the attached cartoon.

Hi all

Just to remind you about the "Zeros cartoon" I sent in October…10 zeros were removed from the Zimbabwe dollar in August this year. Well, they are back!

Two weeks ago saw the printing of notes for: $50 million, $100 million, $200 million. Last week they released: $500 million. Today they have released: $1 billion, $5 billion and $10 billion.  ($100 billion will not be too long in coming, I'm sure.)

(now add 10 zeros to those!) Not even sure what the original numbers would be called now! Already quadrillions and quintillion amounts of the new notes, are common!  Mind you, most things are now in US$ …and we have to be sure we know the value of the small numbers again!

I know the world is in a recession, so my country has its own fiscal sins for which we are paying dearly.  This, however, is symbolic of the collapse in Zimbabwe of every major institution -- banking, education, health and especially government.

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