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After attending the gala Jack and Jill ball in Pittsburgh on Saturday night, we hit the road Sunday morning to drive to NY City.  We drove here in a truck to bring some furniture to our son who lives in Brooklyn.  We had a great trip until we got to the Holland Tunnels, where we spent two hours in a traffic jam to get through the tunnel.  The problem?  There were many visitors to the city who did not have EZ Pass (an automated toll service) and the tunnel only had two lines open for those with cash.  Those two lines were backed up for miles and delayed the rest of us.  Once we got into the City, however, it was more delays as traffic was heavy with holiday visitors.

NY Tree But we made it fine (so did the furniture) and then came into the city to stay at our daughter's apartment on East 34th Street.  We took the opportunity last night to go see the tree at Rockefeller Center.  The tree has a cool topper this year - a Swarovski crystal star.  I have never seen such crowds at the tree, obviously encouraged by the 68 degree weather.  We got a chance to see the star up close and personal at the Saks Fifth Avenue store across Fifth Avenue from the tree. 

We also visited St. Patrick's Cathedral and did some window shopping before we NY Star came back and ordered in some Chinese food. Today we will spend with our son and have lunch with some friends at a place to be determined. Tomorrow we head down to Washington DC on a train to visit with Kathy's mom for a few days.  I brought just a few clothes but a lot of books!  I am teaching three classes this coming term at the Center for Urban Biblical Ministry and have to complete a syllabus for all three.  Plus I have a ton of reading for my next doctoral class this February, this one in biblical counseling.  No complaints, just an update. 

What are you doing with your New Year's week?  What are you reading?  What are your most significant resolutions for 2009?  Mine is to be more dilligent and faithful at saving money for the future. 


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