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Live from Zimbabwe

I received an email from a friend in Zimbabwe and I asked permission to send it to you anonymously, for which I did get approval. Here it is:

If truth be told, this issue of power will not be resolved. No household can have two leaders. Tsvangirai just wants power like Mugabe. Tsvangirai is an alternative which has proved to be selfish. All he does is talk and produce no results. They all have selfish motives. At the end of the day no one is thinking of the people. People are starting to loose confidence in him.

We still have to queue or spend days to get money from the bank which is $500 000.00 just enough to catch one lift from home to work. For others it's not even enough. Sometimes there is no money at all in the banks. We now have gotten used to it.

We have cholera outbreak which is killing hundreds of people. None of the parties is coming up with solutions. The health sector is collapsing at a fast rate. Only churches seem to be doing something to change and bring help. The only way forward is NGOs [which are nonprofit organizations] and churches. Both parties do not have a plan of how to solve the heath problems. Most suburbs have had no water for months and we now rely on openly dug wells. It's raining and cholera is now spreading fast. For a broader update, just check this blog from a pastor here in Zim.

Cholera, by the way, is a bacterial disease that causes extreme diarrhea, which proves fatal if not treated immediately.

My only comment to what this person wrote is that it is hard for the opposition to have any plan for the future when they are being opposed on a daily basis and fear for their lives. The opposition won the first election but were not permitted to take office by the incumbents. It doesn't seem equitable to judge them by the same standard that the current regime must be judged. Having written that, however, I realize that it is easy for me to say 1,500 miles away in Kenya, so I submit to this person's report as one living out the nightmare firsthand. Stay tuned; my friend promised more such updates.


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