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A Sad Letter From Zimbabwe

I received a letter from Zimbabwe yesterday and I thought I would share part of it with you. You can read it in its edited entirety by downloading the file at the end of this entry.  Tomorrow I will announce a means by which you can contribute to help feed the starving in both Zimbabwe and Kenya through what I am calling The Sophia Fund, named in honor of my mother. I will use all my contacts in both countries to make sure that the money is used only to feed the poor.

For today, however, read the letter and weep for what once was a great country:

Death is everywhere.  I have been told that our normal burial rate at one cemetery in Harare before hospitals closed was 10 a day and now it is 50 a day.  The high density areas are depressing places where trash and sewage are everywhere and one can hear the wailing of funerals daily.  The rural areas are full of starvation and cows (which represent their wealth) are being traded one cow for 200 kgs of wheat.  A cow that takes years to grow is equivalent to a few meals.  Cholera is claiming lives and shows no sign of stopping. 

Until clean water is restored and the sewage and trash are contained, the source of disease is still there.  Prisoners are dying of starvation as they perhaps get a meal of sadza without anything or not even a meal.  The likelihood of schools opening and functioning normally in two weeks is minimal as the pay for teachers is less than that for a maid.  I am expecting to keep the kids home and give them extra lessons.  I don’t expect it to get better soon as the economy has gone to US dollars and the majority of people cannot afford food.

I got some money at the beginning of December and provided food for 28 families.  The food cost around $30 or so for each family and it was probably enough for about 2 to 2 ½ weeks if they had nothing else at home.  I go to the grocery store and without buying any meat I can spend $60 for some basics.  The prices in the shops are not possible for the ordinary citizen.  Those who can are still shopping in the neighboring countries.  My car can’t make it anymore so I mostly buy in this country now. . . .

Please continue to support us through prayer and finances.  Some of you possibly can do more than that.  We need money and supplies to keep people alive.  I know there is a downturn in the world’s economy.  A lot of people here are dependent on those outside of the country that have been affected by the recession.   If you are connected to any non-profit organizations that can help, please advise.  Thank you so very much.

You can read the edited version (with pictures) in its entirety below and then please pray and be ready to give.  Even $5, a paltry sum by our standards, can help feed a family.  I promise that whatever we raise will go directly to feed the people with no administrative costs taken out.  More on how to contribute tomorrow.

Download Zim Nwsltr Edited


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