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Blessed Are The Flexible . . .

For they shall not be broken or at least not bent out of shape.  That is a little-known missing Beatitude that Jesus spoke.  Of course, I jest but that fun phrase does contain a nugget of truth that we all must keep in mind from time to time. Why am I writing about this?  Because I began Hebrew classes a few weeks ago, but now with my mother’s illness, I don’t have time to go to class.

Someone wrote and asked me today if I was stressed over my mother’s cancer and need for care.  I responded, “Not at all.”  I am controlling my self-talk and how I think (or the Lord is helping me do so) and that has kept me calm and focused.  My father died 12 years ago in my arms on his deathbed and I always hoped I would have a chance to do the same for my mother.  So how can I be stressed out? I don’t have to help care for my mother; I get to care for my mother.  And besides, my sister is the one who always carries a bigger load than I do and for that I am grateful. 

I am off to Dallas next week to conduct a Pacific Institute seminar and just finished a seminar in West Palm Beach.  We “had” to meet at someone’s home in West Palm and I was not looking forward to it, until I arrived and found it to be a $4 million estate!  What a fantastic surrounding in which to learn.  Next week I will be at a nice hotel in Dallas.

That makes me think of a retreat I was on in 1988 in Florida.  It was a beautiful compound and I was there as a participant and stayed up late one night to enjoy the surroundings.  That night the Lord “spoke” to me and said, “I will take you to many nice places where you will teach and train.”  It was so clear but at the time, I was going nowhere and doing very little training or speaking for that matter.  Today, I can say that the promise God made to me that night has come true.  I have been in some fabulous places, eaten some great food and met some wonderful people.  I have no complaints. 

This year has been such a different year, with less travel, school, tight finances and a lot of time to think, read and reflect.  What kind of year has it been for you?  What season are you in right now?  What lessons have you learned?  What else would you like to accomplish this year?  It’s not too late to end the year in a strong fashion and I hope you will learn and grow as you reflect on 2008 and look forward to 2009.



It's been tight here too and your encouragement on remaining flexible and controlling the self-talk is timely. Thanks for writing and caring for us.


In Zimbabwe we have no choice but to be flexible. We are going through constant change one way or the other. Our talk has to be consistant with what we want to happen. So yes we are as a result of being flexible and our self talk. Praise God!

Barbara Israel

Dear John, Thanks for this post. I forwarded it to 3 of my friends who keep in touch via email. Then I sent them all a separate email with a copy of the questions you posed at the end of the entry and my answers to each question. Then I challenged all 3 to do the same. We have heard back from 1 of the 3 with her answers and we hope to receive the answers of our 2 other friends. The one friend that responded to the questions said that she was grateful for the challenge because it made her sit, think & write! Then she wrote, Maybe we should have "the question of the day." See what you've started John? I do want to thank you for all your thoughtful and challenging blog posts as well as your Monday Memo and Bible studies. I get so much out of all 3 and have shared your writing with a number of friends. They have all been blessed by your words. Love to you and Kathy.


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