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For many years I have talked about learning Hebrew to help in my Bible studies.  My Greek is decent but my Hebrew is nonexistent.  Last night I enrolled in Classical Hebrew at Reformed Presbyterian Seminary and will audit the course, hopefully through the end of the school term in May.  I will have to miss some classes, but since I am auditing, I don't have to take the tests or quizzes.  I am serious about learning the basics, however, so I am going to keep up with the course work as best I can. 

Last night we learned the alphabet and a song to go with it to help us memorize the names of the letters.  Next week we learn the vowels and each week we will cover one chapter in our textbook.  It should be fun and interesting.  I've had this goal for many years, so it's good to finally do something about it.

Meanwhile my other coursework is going well.  I have one annotated bibliography due September 30 for a paper due January 31 and a 35-page paper discussing the types in 1 Corinthians 10:1-6 due by mid-November. Then we have received our syllabus for the next class in February, which will be on biblical counseling.  I have a ton of reading to do and research to perform, but it's all good and worthwhile and I have no regrets about enrolling in the program.  Now that I have written this, I can go recite and practice writing my Hebrew alphabet.  Aleph, bet, vet, . . .


Tom Schaffer

Mr. Stanko;

I am the CEO of the Washington City Mission and was introduced to your site by a collegue from Light of Life Mission. I read your commentaries with great interest. Although I have not read any of your books, my collegue, told me that you are very adept at assisting people in discovering their actual purpose in life.

At the Mission we are developing a new program aspect which we call "Talent Development" which is designed to help people (residents) discover what they were made to do. Although we have had "work therapy" going on for years, what we are invisioning is quite different from what we have been doing. However, in order to move this part of the program along, we need to help the staff understand this concept.

Do you provide any teaching or lecture services for a group of folks such as our staff? My collegue has heard you speak and was quite impressed.

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