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A Truly Dark Knight

I had a chance over the weekend to go see the latest Batman move, A Dark Knight, which has been out all summer.  I think I was the last person in the U.S. to go and see it.  All summer I have read rave reviews about the movie, so my expectations were high.  When my wife and I went into the theater, the woman who sold us our tickets asked, "Have you seen it yet." When we said we had not, she said, "Oh, I saw it and I want to go back to see it again." Then we were really pumped believing that we had come to see an awesome movie, and two and a half hours later, my only comment was:

I didn't like it.

I know, I am probably the only person in the U.S. who didn't like it, well one of only two who didn't like it -- my wife didn't enjoy it at all either. 

I thought the late Keith Ledger did a great job playing a deranged, preposterous character and will probably receive a posthumous Academy Awards nomination.  That was about the only positive thing I could say about the movie, which isn't exactly ringing praise.  Here's why I didn't like it.

1.  They have ruined my Batman.  He's not my Batman, he's just the Batman I grew up with when I read his comic books whenever I could get my hands on one.  The Batman of old was a charter member of the Justice League of America, a good guy along with Superman, Wonder Woman and the Green Lantern.  They have now remade him into a neurotic, confused super hero who doesn't know if he is a good or bad guy and the public isn't sure either.  I sent an sms to our son when the movie was over, saying, "I want my Batman back!"

2.  The movie was full of gratuitous violence.  I don't mind make=believe violence, but this violence was never-ending and had no real purpose that I could understand.

3.  The Joker's character was omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent.  In other words, he was, as I stated earlier, preposterous.  I have seldom seen a movie that had so many calamities and setbacks for the good guys at the end of something or someone that was pure evil. But not credible evil.  We never found out what his story was and where he came from, or how he was able to pull off all those dastardly deeds. 

4.  The movie was too long.  It could have ended at the two-hour mark and I would not have been disappointed.

The best thing about going was that we went early and didn't pay full price.  I think I'll go back and see the first of this new Batman sequels, Batman Begins, and mourn what could have been a good series of sequels.  I went back looking for the woman who sold us the tickets, but she was gone, probably in the next showing of what we found to be a total waste of time.


C.B. Grace

Batman Begins is a very good movie....well, we liked it. The idea with the new Batman, gruesome violence and all is a more "realistic" version. Something that could really happen. Did you see "Iron Man"? Similiar concept. These days we expect our heros to be a little flawed.

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